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Name:HP FemSmut: For Fans of Explicit Femslash
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
Website:HP FemSmut on LJ
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:hp femslash, sexually explicit fanfic, sexually explicit fanart
Welcome to hp_femsmut!
This is a community for writers and fans of Harry Potter femslash that includes sexually explicit or NC-17 rated content. We encourage you to post your fics or art and to recommend other people's work. Challenges will be held at intervals; if you wish to suggest a challenge topic then comment here.

Members of the community must be 18 or older. By joining the community you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years old.

What is allowed?
1. Fanfic, fanart, recs, podfic, other fanworks, and discussion of sexually explicit femslash within the Harry Potter fandom.
2. At this point I am unsure about DW policy about the ages of characters who are portrayed in sexually explicit behaviour. Pending clarification on this issue, please use your discretion and check with the mod if you are unsure. If you post fics or art in which characters under 16 are portrayed in sexually explicit behaviour then please add a warning for this in the header.
3. Any fics posted should have proper punctuation and grammar. If you need a beta then try the LJ communities hp_betas or hp_betareaders.
4. This community is not age-locked, so please use an appropriate age rating for your posts. If in doubt, please err on the side of caution.

What is not allowed?
1. Flaming or personal attacks.
2. Off-topic posts. If you are not sure whether your post is off-topic then please ask the mods. We are nice! But we will delete off-topic posts and may block anyone who spams repeatedly.
3. Fic, art or recs about HP femslash that does not contain explicit sexual content - you might want to post at the LJ community hp_girlslash instead. If the fic is multi-chaptered then it is not necessary for each chapter to contain sexually explicit content.
4. Fic, art or recs that do not include HP femslash, i.e. do not include sexual interaction between two or more characters who are female identified in canon. There are lots of other communities where you can post slash, het and gen fics or art.

How to post:
1. Please state in the subject line whether the post is a Fic, Art or Rec and provide the Title and Pairing.
2. Mark your post as 'Adult Concepts' or 'Explicit Adult' where appropriate. This is important in order to avoid trouble with LJ.
3. Please put all large images and any fic or discussion posts longer than 100 words behind a cut.
4. We require that you warn for noncon, dubcon, character death, or extreme violence. Please use your discretion about providing warnings for anything else that you think might trigger someone (e.g. age disparity).
5. You can post your own fic or art but you may not recommend your own fic or art. When posting recs, please say something specific about why you are recommending the fic or art e.g "great characterization" or "smoking hot bondage scene".

What is femslash aka femmeslash?
For the purposes of this community, femslash is sexual interaction between two or more characters who are female-identified in canon. A m/f/f pairing (e.g. Harry/Ginny/Luna) might be considered femslash if there is a significant focus on sexual interaction between the female characters.

Is this community for PWPs only?
Absolutely not! Porn Without Plot is welcome here, but plotty fics are equally welcome. We enjoy plot every bit as much as the next person, we just like it to have smutty femslash too.

Can I promote my fest / community / RP / other fandom activity here?
Please ask permission from the mods before making any promotional posts. Unless what you are promoting explicitly focuses on HP femslash, or on one or more female characters from the HP series, then the answer is likely to be no.

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